Lauren Conrad put MTV in the corner

If you were racking your brain over why Lauren Conrad would leave the show that gave her money, power and respect more money, wonder no longer. Lauren tells us why in the new issue of Cosmo (that’s still around?). Conrad said the final straw came when producers invited the uninvited Heidi Montag to her birthday party.

“After the producers did that, I disappeared. If they were disrespectful, I was going to be disrespectful back. I told them, ‘You can call me in a week. Think about what you did,’ ” she tells the mag.

MTV wanted to infuse drama into an otherwise unwatchable episode. How disrespectful of the company that owns the show and pays Lauren’s salary to do what they’re allowed to do to heighten interest in a product they’ve invested so much in. Those bastards. Don’t they know how important Lauren Conrad is?

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14 years ago

“think about what you did”?? is she going to put MTV in timeout next?