Lindsay Lohan is a filthy, filthy girl

Police responded to a security alarm at Lindsay Lohan’s house at 3 PM on Tuesday. There they found evidence of a break-in and burglary. Or so they thought. Upon further investigation, they discovered that there was no break-in, it was just that Lindsay lives like a pig.

Police determined no one entered the home and nothing was stolen, but the mess inside the starlet’s home prompted officers to ask, “Is it normally like this, or did the intruders do it?” said Los Angeles police Officer Karen Rayner.

Imagine all that junk on the floor. Crushed cans of Neuro, used condoms, a bunch of day after pills strewn about, slices of pizza and cigarette burns on the upholstery. Trying to get someone to step in that tornado of nastiness would be like trying to force a cat into a swimming pool.

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