Lindsay Lohan might be pregnant

One of the more ridiculous rumors today is that after she broke up with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay slept with about two dozen guys in the past two months resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. A “friend” of Lindsay swears she’s pregnant and is “going through big emotional turmoil. She’s not sure if she’ll have it or go through with an abortion that she booked to have in the next few days.” They also say Lindsay doesn’t know who the father is.

I call BS along with everyone else. The rumor is too perfect. There’s no guy to confirm it and if she doesn’t look pregnant in the next few weeks, it’s because she had an abortion so the source always ends up right. Plus, with Lindsay’s experience she knows about birth control and condoms. By now, she’s probably developed some crazy talent of retracting her own egg from incoming sperm. Not to mention there’s no way a baby could survive in that womb. I’d think a fetus would need a few more nutrients than can be gotten through Vodka, Neuro energy drinks and sperm.

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