Lindsay Lohan was really almost robbed

You will pick that up now.

On Tuesday it was reported that police responded to a security alarm at Lindsay Lohan’s home to discover what seemed to be a ransacked house. They later discovered Lindsay lived like a pig. Today, however, it’s been confirmed that two people really did attempt to gain entry into Lohan’s house.

Two men, one wearing a baseball hat and bandanna around his face and another, a driver of a four-door gray station wagon, tried to break into her home just before 3 PM. Yes, these criminal masterminds tried to rob a celebrity in the middle of the day and failed to even pry open a back window or a door. They gave up and drove off soon after. Most likely into a pole after they tried to unstick their Creed CD from their stereo. Later, we’re going to find out the bandanna he was wearing wasn’t to hide his face, it was just that he was going to a rave right after.

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14 years ago

I wish she would bath regularly…she just always looks DIRTY!