Lisa Rinna’s whole family had the swine flu… what’s the swine flu?

Even though the regular flu has killed thousands since January, swine flu keeps on getting all the attention. What’s a virus gotta do to get some love around here? The regular flu must be pissed. Even semi-famous people are talking about it.

ET asked celebrities about the biggest letdown of the year and somehow Lisa Rinna manged to get her say in. Her whole family has had it except her, she claims.

“I believe we all, except for myself, had the swine flu at our house,” Lisa tells ET about her ill family. “How do you know it’s the swine flu? I don’t know but we had all the symptoms.”

“We had it before it came out. …We had it at our house, I believe, and everyone is fine,” the actress explained to ET at the LG Rumorous Night with Heidi Klum event on Tuesday.

That’s right. Lisa Rinna’s family had it first. There wasn’t even a name for it back then. They just called it “the flu”. All you other people are posers. Yea, I’m looking at you kid from Mexico. God, all this attention that kid is getting must be aggravating for Lisa Rinna. It’s like when that indie band you listened to blew up and then everyone liked them since, like, forever. Swine flu is Lisa Rinna’s Death Cab for Cutie.

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15 years ago

Now you mention death cab for cutie I know for certain what wankers you really are…