Michael Lohan was arrested

Michael Lohan seemed to fade into obscurity in recent weeks. Evidently not by choice. Lohan was arrested on April 6 for threatening to kill his fiancée, Erin Muller, and himself after she dumped him. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted. Luckily for him, his parole ended on Feb. 7, but unluckily, he’s due back in court so he can explain why he’s $12,000 behind in child support.

Lohan, 48, flipped out yesterday when he walked into Central Islip court and spotted Post reporter Kieran Crowley and photographer Dennis Clark. “Michael! Plan two!” shouted Lohan’s lawyer, Anthony Grandinette, as his client fled. “Plan two” consisted of Lohan and Muller hiding in her car while Grandinette appeared on his behalf.

No wonder Lindsay is so screwed up. She could have been raised by a pack of rats and forced to sleep in a refrigerator and she still would have turned out better than she did.

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