Miss California is a liar

When pictures of Miss California Carrie Prejean hit the net, she made sure to let everyone know that they were taken when she was 17. Back then she was first trying to get into modeling and was naive enough to think a topless shot would put her into the spotlight.

She even wrote an email to Keith Lewis, co-executive director of Miss California USA, telling him as much and explaining that this was the only pic out there.

TMZ said to back the f**k up because they were sent four photos of Prejean topless. And like that geeky kid who always sits up front, they notified the principal, Keith Lewis. Keith responded: “I’m absolutely stunned. This completely changes things for us. Yesterday we thought she had explained things accurately. We need to revisit this issue with her.”

Something crazy has to happen for them to fire her. No way they’re just going to throw away their investment (Prejean’s breasts) over a few pictures. If I paid for some girl’s boob job, you best know that I’m going to be putting those things to good use for at least four years. If not for pleasure, than for business by pimping them out to Playboy.

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15 years ago

If the pageant paid for those things, I think the good people from the state of California have a right to see their investment. For free.

By the way, how is this shocking? Isn’t Shanna Moakler involved with this pageant, and didn’t she do multiple Playboy spreads. The shock is fake and contrived and smacks of an agenda. Wonder who that agenda belongs to?

Bobby Ewing
Bobby Ewing
15 years ago

Well, you all knew this was gonna happen. Think about it – for one Carrie Prejean is pretty dang hot to begin with. I guess that is why she is “Miss California”. But if there are nude and topless pics like these 6 out there to be seen of a hot girl like this – you KNOW they are going to come out. Its a given. But can you blame people for not wanting to look. Oh, and the whole she is 17 thing – just an attempt to stop the spread of these pics but other interested parties. There… Read more »