Natalie Portman slipped a partial areola for Obama

natalie portman white house 09

Natalie Portman. What a tease. Padma Lakshmi had the good sense to wear a see-through dress to the White House Correspondents Dinner. Portman, on the other hand, just had to wear a fancy black dress and slip an ever so slight hint of areola.

Asked about this, Obama said, “Obama no likey. Obama want tittay!”

It’s true. The hotter and more naked a woman gets, the more the male brain devolves.

I don’t even know why I censored that thing.

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9 years ago

How much did this fucking thing cost? OH, GET READY FOR MASSIVE BUDGET CUTS. FOR YOU! You need free-markets, discipline, and tough love. I need the nanny state to protect me, and to bail me out when I fail. You starve, we get fatter.

That’s America.

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