Owen Wilson is a dick

The sense of entitlement surrounding celebrities is atrocious. They think just because they’re blessed with the ability to read words off paper they’re above normal people. Take Owen Wilson at the vegan takeout place One Lucky Duck for example. Wilson was waiting in line when he got tired of standing with the peons and booked it past everyone to place his order in the kitchen.

“I guess he thinks be cause he’s Owen Wilson he doesn’t have to wait.” His rep told us, “If it indeed happened, I’m sure it was inadvertent.” Eatery owner Sarma Meln gailis added, “He’s a friend . . . and it’s perfectly normal for him to come wander about in the kitchen . . . Nothing for people to get miffed about.”

Someone should have spoken up. I would have said, “Hey, dickhead. Looks like you stepped out and lost your place in line. You’re gonna have to go to the back.” Well, I wouldn’t have said it out loud. Maybe muttered under my breath. Okay, I’d be only thinking it. But I’d be thinking really hard about it while shoving past everyone for Owen’s autograph.

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14 years ago

Who gives a f**k about this no talent that litterally has a dicknose