Paris Hilton denies being thrown off a boat

Paris Hilton took to her MySpace yesterday to refute reports that she was thrown off David Furnish’s yacht for unsociable behavior. She said that didn’t happen and that it would never happen. Plus it was her friend’s boat.

Clearing up another LIE
That story some tabloid ran about my boyfriend and I on a yacht is such a lie that it’s a joke! That was my good friends boat and first of all she would never ask me to leave and second of all I would never do that. It’s so lame that people will just create these crazy stories. I can’t believe the stories people will make up, so gross! I’m so sick of all these false rumors, it’s not fair that writers can get away it. They have no credibility. Hope everyone’s having a fun and safe Memorial Day! love Paris

When told that unsociable behavior also included giving her boyfriend a handjob in the bathroom, Paris said, “Ohhh. Okay. Yea, then. Nevermind.”

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14 years ago

this woman is disgusting
+ unfuckable.