Rachel Bilson was violated

Not in the sexy way, but in the home invasion way. Rachel Bilson was in Canada with her boyfriend Hayden Christiansen when her L.A. house was robbed of its designer clothes, shoes, bags, vintage shoes and jewelry, some of which were heirlooms. “Even her Chanel collection?!,” you ask. Yes, even her Chanel collection. Bilson is said to be shaken up and feeling “violated.”

Bilson’s mom discovered the missing merchandise, which also included a television set, when she stopped by the house. There was no obvious sign of forced entry, and the source says police are investigating. Police did not comment on the incident.

“Fashion is her passion,” says Bilson’s pal. “She’s devastated.”

That sucks. She should consider booby trapping her home. That way when thieves make off with her designer labels it won’t be of much use because they’ll be impaled in a pit of sharpened bamboo sticks and forced to watch an endless loop of Hayden Christiansen movies. In fact, Rachel could just put a sign on her door that says, “Beware. Hayden Christiansen is acting.” No one will be within 100 yards of that.

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