R.I.P. Dom DeLuise

dom deluise burt

Initial reports via TMZ indicate that Dom DeLuise (History of the World, Blazing Saddles, Cannonball Run) passed away at 6 PM last night in his sleep at a LA hospital. He was 75. No details have been released. Somewhere out there Burt Reynolds dropped to his knees and screamed “Nooooooo!” at the skies.

  • I will always think of his Ziploc commercials with tenderness.

    • Speaking of which. I found one the YouTubes.

  • inkedweezel


    • katie

      dude yeah he was…when the movie panned away from the battle in the west…then you saw the WB water tower…he was the dance instructor…the guy with the white clothes and red scarf. ‘Watch me faggots!’ he screamed then showed the men how to do the routine correctly…

  • inkedweezel

    OK for like one minute at the very end.

  • Barbara L.

    There was always something so special and warm and wonderful about Dom DeLuise. His personality came through in his delightful humor. I always loved seeing him on television or in films. I remember so many truly funny moments he gave to his audience. I remember especially a ‘bloopers’ show outtake taken from one of his films. In character, he was looking for another character named John Meninis (guessing on the spelling). But every time he said the name Meninis he broke down in laughter himself. It puts me in mind of all those inappropriate moments in life when I know I should show some decorum but something strikes me funny and all I can do is laugh. And I always laughed with Mr. DeLuise He struck my funny bone and also my heart with his decency and warmth. I am so sorry to learn of his passing and want to send my sincere condolences to his family.

  • katie

    Sherlock Holme’s smarter brother…Dom deluise was hilarious! During the scene where the bad guy and Gene Wilder had to sing ‘why don’t we drink some very sexy wine…’ that was the man that Dom had to give the information to. he was supposed to give it to the bad guy but Gene Wilder sang it first confusing Dom Deluise’ character. After the bad guy sang it like the third time…Dom grabbed a rolled up program smacked the guy in the head while yelling ‘shut your mouth!’ There are only a couple actors and comedians that when they laugh in real life or on screen you feel the brightness from their smile…Dom deluise was one of those guys…his laugh was contagious…and people found themelves laughing no matter what.

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