Russel Brand is sticking Holly Madison

The Sun has it on good authority that Russel Brand and Holly Madison are so totally doing it. The two met in Vegas courtesy of an Jay-Z afterparty for the Pacman/Hatton fight. Cites a source:

“Russell has really hit it off with Holly. She’s a big star in the US, which he finds really attractive.

“And his constant tomfoolery has her in stitches. Russ has been making late-night visits to her home in the Hollywood Hills.

“He’s been there three times in the past week and neighbours have heard them ‘enjoying themselves’ loudly.”

This is not interesting and interesting at the same time. Russell is pretty much getting sloppy seconds from Hugh Hefner and Criss Angel. That’s pretty gross if you think about it. A geriatric whose slept with most of the Playboy centerfolds and some dude who does douchebaggy magic tricks. Wrinkly balls aside, how does Russell know Angel didn’t cast a spell on her vagina. How does he know one night when they’re having sex a rabbit won’t pop out of her vadge and another night it won’t turn into a penis. He should consider it. Especially that last one. To me, that would be sort of a deal breaker.

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14 years ago

Beleive it or not, Criss Angel and Russell Brand are both actually a step down from Hef. Hef may have dust on his pecker, but those 2 are nasty, greasy, cheesy dudes. Holly must be desperate to go for either of those F listers.

14 years ago

She looks like a cartoon character.

14 years ago

I remember her being fairly hot once. What happened?