Someone has a good sense of humor

Cops were called to Paris Hilton’s house early this morning after neighbors grew tired of hearing her and Dough Reinhardt screaming and yelling all night. “The noise didn’t stop and that meant she wasn’t dead and that meant we had failed,” one of the neighbors said. No, just kidding. They didn’t say that. But they were really pissed that they couldn’t do what rich people normally do at night which is hunt minorities. You gotta be able to hear them move.

TMZ asked Paris what was up with all that racket and Paris alleges she received a prank call late last night in which the caller claimed her dog Tinkerbell had been run over and killed on Mullholland Drive. She started freaking out and Reinhardt was trying to console her through the night.

This raises an important question. Why the hell doesn’t Paris know where her dog is? You’d think when it walked in front of her and barked she would have realized it was a crank call. Also, I think we all know who the prepetrator is. A certain someone who likes magic, Hot Topic and has a fondness for other people’s pets.

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