Spencer Pratt is high all the time

A while ago, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were photographed leaving a medical marijuana shop. Even more recently, Spencer accidentally posted a pic to Twitter of Heidi and a huge bong (above) could be seen in the background. Today, Star has caught on that Spencer is a pothead.

A friend of the Pratt tells Star that his love affair with weed began when he was 15 and they’ve been inseparable ever since. To this day, everyone knows him as the King of Weed because he always had a big bag of it wherever he went.

It didn’t take long for Spencer to progress to other drugs, including Xanax and Valium, says the pal. And he made sure those around him got to enjoy the same high — with the friend saying the first time she ever took Valium was because of Spencer. “He gave me five [pills] and told me I’d be OK,” says the friend. “I didn’t know it was too much. The next day he said, ‘Girl, I gave you so much Valium, and you just handled!'”

Spencer kicked the pills in rehab, but continued his romance with pot.

“One day, he walked in on a party and pulled out a bag of pot and said, ”We are soooooo getting stoned!’ recalls the friend. “No one thought much of it, because at least he was staying away from pills.”

Was there any doubt that Spencer is a stoner. His only goal in life is to make as much money as possible by doing as little work as possible. It’s the stoner way. That’s why he hooked up with the easily exploitable Heidi Montag. She’s like his little slave girl. Also, part of the reason he’s such a big douchebag is he doesn’t know where he is or what’s going on half the time. With him, sentences begin and end with “Duuuuuude.”

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12 years ago

Is it me, or do they live like pigs! What a messy kitchen!

12 years ago

It’s kind of disgusting how planned every single moment of their life is.

Do you REALLY think that it was an accident that he posted this picture on his Twitter? This picture, awkwardly of the back of Heidi’s neck that is so unusually off-center for no reason, that just happens to catch a picture of something that looks a whole lot like a bong?

Nothing they do is ever on accident.

12 years ago

I have a new found like of Spencer for some reason.

12 years ago

Want to be a reality star? Read this first:

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