“The Expendables” gets a poster

If you haven’t heard, Sylvester Stallone is currently filming The Expendables with his rag tag cast of aging action stars, real action stars (see: Randy Cotoure) and Brittany Murphy. Why then does the poster for the film look like an Ed Hardy t-shirt despite the film sounding somewhat promising? Was whoever designed this given specific instructions by the higher-ups to make it cool and something those young testosterone filled kids would love? When they were told this, am I to believe that the first things to pop into their head was a badass skull and crow and not a unicorn flying over a beautiful rainbow set against a backdrop of a stunning sunset? I’m going to have to have a word with marketing.

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14 years ago

I am a bit afraid that this movie is going to suck bigtime.
It’s going to be a convention of victims of bad plastic surgery.