The hottest thing ever: Megan Fox shot in HD for Esquire

megan fox esquire cover

Esquire shot their June issue with Megan Fox entirely in super hd video (4096 x 2304 resolution) on a Red One Camera. That’s big news apparently because no magazine has ever done that before. It’s even bigger news because they put up the video from the shoot in which they follow Megan Fox from her bra and panties in bed to a bathing suit eating chicken. It would have been even better had they not resized the video. But it doesn’t matter. I’m still blown away. Not by the fact that they achieved this monumental feat, but by the fact that they broke into my house to film Megan Fox still napping in my bed. Geez, guys. Can we at least have a little privacy?

Check out the video here or below (I suggest you make it go full screen). This could go on for three hours and I wouldn’t even blink.

Does Megan remind anyone else of Lena Headey? That chick from The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

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