There’s not enough Lysol in the world

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt hit up a club in Cannes last night and pretty much humped each other around the place. God damn, this isn’t a porno set.

You want to know why Paris and Doug were the only ones sitting? Because no one else wanted anywhere near those snail trails Paris left on the seats. Even pouring hand sanitizer over the area didn’t work. Paris’ vagina juice just sort of repelled the antibacterial liquid like oil does to water.

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15 years ago

looks like she’s already been on her knees..

Richard Brian Penn
15 years ago
Reply to  mrrrrrr

On her reality tv show, she said she wanted a classy BFF because her “whore” days were over..Hypocrite!

Richard Brian Penn
15 years ago

What happened to Paris wanting to be “classy”? If you watched her reality tv show, she said she needed a classy BFF…hypocrite.