Tranformers 2 has a trailer

At least it isn’t as campy as the last one where Bumblebee started weeping fluid when Shia told him he’s not taking him to college. And of course there’s a gratuitous scene of Megan Fox posing/writhing on a motorcycle and the promise of a webcam. That’s hot because we all know that girls like to get naked for their boyfriends on those internet video things and eventually those recordings are leaked onto pornographic websites. That’s not going to happen in this PG-13 movie, but the possiblity is there and that’s pretty exciting.

  • The guy is a pretty decent actor, and could be doing a lot better for himself if only he’d straighten up and fly right. I hope he gets himself sorted out before he does something TRULY stupid and winds up working at McDonald’s for a living. (No insult intended towards Mickey D employees…)

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