Victoria Principal pulled a gun on her maid over a constipated dog

victoria principal

Victoria Principal of Dallas fame is being sued for pulling a gun on her maid and threatening to kill her. Maribel Banegas, the maid, claims that she took Victoria’s dog for a walk only to come back to an angry Victoria wondering why it took so long.

Banegas explained the dog wouldn’t do his business, but that explanation didn’t cut it so Victoria fired her. When Banegas made the mistake of asking for her final check, Victoria went upstairs, got her gun and “then pointed and aimed at the maid.”

Victoria asked another housekeeper nearby to “stand aside in order that she could kill the plaintiff.”

Maribel Banegas is suing for an unspecified amount alleging assault, false imprisonment and emotional distress.

In Victoria’s defense, Maribel made Mei-Ling, the dog, late for her gown fitting. Do you know how hard it’d be to get another appointment?

[Image: Splash News]

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