Weekend review

Taylor Momsen is in a band now: Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl released a demo of song from her new band, Pretty Reckless. They open for the Veronicas this month. In other news, girl punk bands are still popular?

Pageant pays for Miss California’s implants: Miss California Pageant co-director Keith Lewis confirmed that they helped Miss California Carrie Prejean obtain breast implants. They reasoned that they wanted her confidence to be as high as possible for when she represented California on the national stage for Miss USA. The plan sort of backfired when she denounced gay marriage live on television, but they should award Keith Lewis a medal anyway.

Scarlett Johansson sucks as a director: Scarlett’s directorial debut, a segment for the upcoming film New York, I Love You, has been cut from the film. The piece was shot in black and white and starred Kevin Bacon and was “deemed unwatchable.” One insider said “it was really bad, so it was cut.” Then he pinched his nose and held it in the air and said “pee-yew.”

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