Will Smith makes good first impressions

charlize theron will smith

When Will Smith first met Charlize Theron, he punched her in the face. At the time, Smith was training for his role as Muhammad Ali in Ali while shooting for The Legend of Bagger Vance. Theron asked Smith to show her some of his moves and that’s when he floored her. Not with his likable personality, but with a right straight or left hook.

“The first time I worked with him he punched me in the face. He was training for ‘Ali.’ I encouraged him to show me a couple of moves. I was completely knocked out!”

She added: “Seriously, though, I’d be happy to be punched out by Will anytime. He swore to me that it was an accident.”

Thank god Chris Tucker wasn’t in the movie or else he’d be pushing paramedics out of the way so he could step over her body and exclaim, “You got knocked da fuck out!”

Also, what’s with the double standards. When Will Smith punches a woman out, it becomes a funny anecdote to later tell reporters. When I do it, I get sued and slapped with a restraining order. Wait, Will Smith did drag her by the hair back to his house and tie her up in the basement afterward, right?

  • “I doubt Sagemiller would throw Theron and Zellweger under the bus like that, bringing their names up for no reason”

    Seriously? You can’t think of what might motivate some lesser actress to drop the names of a couple A-listers like that? Now I realise evidence is unfashionable these days and mere denunciations must be believed without question or you are a Bad Person, but if you really can’t think of a reason why she might say those things, you ain’t trying very hard ;-)

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