Yup, Canseco got his ass kicked

For most likely monetary reasons, whistle blower Jose Canseco agreed to enter Dream’s Super Hulk Tournament which took place yesterday. Armed only with his experience in Taekwondo he most likely learned as a kid and a loss he suffered to Danny Bonaduce in a celebrity boxing match, he faced off against the 7’2” K-1 fighter, Hong Man Choi, in the first round of the MMA super heavyweight tournament at the Yokohama arena.

In the beginning moments of the round, Canseco attempted to mount some sort of offense with an overhand right. Then he got on his bicycle and started backpedaling. Eventually, Canseco hurt himself trying to leg kick Choi and found himself on the ground being pounded on by the 330 pound monster.

Total fight time: a little over a minute. Amount paid for said minute: probably six figures. The expression on Canseco’s face as he desperately tries to tap out while being hammerfisted in the head: priceless.

Fun fact: The only training Canseco was rumored to be doing for this match was running on a treadmill. Guess what? It worked! Sort of.

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14 years ago

Jose Canseco is a powder puff compared to Hong Man Choi; he didn’t stand a chance

14 years ago

Canseco can’t jump backwards very good. All I took was tae kwan do for a little over a year, and I could jump backwards better than he did — how do I know? A preteen kicked my butt all over that dojo, but I was determined to continue until the whistle went off. So I was a back-jumping fool that day LOL

I’d let someone kick my butt in a controlled ring for six figures.