Anna Kournikova throws down

Saturday night in Vegas, former tennis star/model Anna Kournikova got into a tussle with an unidentified woman. The two were at Lavo when a woman sitting at the next table over threw a drink at Anna because she felt Anna was “invading her space.”

Kournikova, not one to back down, “sprung into action.” Sort of like a lion on a gazelle. The other woman was eventually thrown out, but not before leaving Anna with “vicious scratch marks on her neck.”

Was this other woman a model? Because that would have been hot. Especially if their skirts were hiked up a little and all this was in slow motion. This is also one of the main reasons you don’t see guys stopping cat fights. They’re always hoping for a little upskirt action. In fact, that’s one of the ten commandments. “Ye shall not stop a chick fight until either panties or breasts come out.” God is such a pervert.

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William Clinton
William Clinton
14 years ago

I’d hit that!