Ashlee Simpson got drunk, skinny

ashlee simpson pete wentz

At the launch of Activision’s “DJ Hero,” Ashlee Simpson got completely wasted. She was seen stumbling out of the the VIP area holding on to a bodyguard and a friend just so she could walk. Proof enough that she’s not pregnant or she really wants that abortion.

Pop Tarts also says Ashlee lost a lot of weight. “Despite giving birth six months ago, the upcoming Melrose Place starlet shocked party peeps with her bony body and super slim legs poking out between her black short shorts.”

Pete Wentz is none too happy about it either. Turns out he’s pissed that Ashlee fits into his skinny jeans better than he does. According to Pete, there can only be one skinny effeminate mincing gaywad in the family and that’s him.

Here’s Ashlee and Pete at Nobu a week ago.

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