Bar Refaeli teams up with Stephen King, sort of

bar refaeli esquire 04

Apparently, today is get supermodels naked and photograph them day which is totally fine by me. Who am I to tell photographers how to make a living? The latest supermodel to be stripped of her clothes is Bar Refaeli who’s featured on the cover of Esquire adorned with text from Stephen King’s new story “Morality.”

It’s not a bad idea actually. You can open these pics up in front of your boss and pretend you’re reading a novel. “Boobs, what boobs? Oooooh, those boobs. I didn’t even notice,” you’d say. All the women in the office will think you’re into books too which is another big plus. Women like men who are well read. Your co-worker will ask, “You’re into Stephen King too?” and a few minutes later you two are totally doing it on top of a copy machine.

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