Carrie Prejean had no idea

Yesterday, Keith Lewis and Donald Trump confirmed that they had dumped Carrie Prejean as Miss California USA. The only thing is, they didn’t tell Carrie. She had to find out from Bily Bush which makes it ten times worse.

When Billy told Carrie the news, she replied, “That’s the first time I’ve heard of it Billy. It’s just because of my answer, I think. None of this would be happening right now if I just said, ‘Yeah, gays should get married. You’re right Perez Hilton.'” She still believes her firing was political and not because she failed to meet contractual obligations. In fact, she told Access Hollywood that she was on her way to make an appearance at the Special Olympics in San Diego. See? She showed up for one event.

Carrie had other grievances as well. Per TMZ:

Prejean claims pageant honcho Keith Lewis actually asked her last month if she would take two gigs — appearing on “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” and Playboy. Prejean says Lewis told her Playboy offered $140,000 for her to pose semi-nude. She rejected both offers.

Prejean also told us she couldn’t believe Donald Trump would say she treated people in the pageant “like s**t.” For the record, Trump did tell Harvey Levin that on the phone earlier today. Prejean said if Trump really feels that way she’s sorry, adding: “I’ve shown respect for every party involved, even when they haven’t shown it back.”

Well, that’s lame. What kind of attention whore would turn down Playboy? I’m beginning to doubt Carrie Prejean’s ability to seek fame through controversy. When she goes to meet her D-list friends at a party sponsored by a D-list alcoholic beverage company (most likely Popov Vodka), they’ll be so disappointed in her. They’ll also have to inform her she violated one of the attention whore commandments: Thou shall not have dignity.

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14 years ago

Who the f*** cares!

14 years ago

Yeah Dave!!!! The most sensible thing I’ve seen all day