Carrie Prejean is out

carrie prejean

Donald Trump relieved Carrie Prejean of the Miss California USA crown. They made sure to note that this wasn’t due to her political beliefs, but because she wouldn’t fulfill her contractual obligations. Trump said Carrie refused to appear at almost 30 events and treated everyone like crap. Prejean has also failed to receive permission to perform extracurricular activities. Not sure what those are, but most likely it involves whoring around.

Although Prejean may no longer be affiliated with Miss California USA, she made off pretty well. She tricked the pageant into paying for her breast implants, managed to insult a flamboyant blogger’s beliefs in front of the world and lied about her modeling career. All in all, Carrie had a spectacular 15 minutes of fame filled with deceit and betrayal. Next up for the former Miss California: a leaked sex tape.

  • Michael Ehlermann

    IF she got fired for speaking out against gay marriage, i say good for her….its about time sombody with some horsepower stands up for what they belive. The gays can march around and have freedom to say and belive what they want..why do the rest of us not have the same. Where i come from those people are called HYPOCITES.
    Gays have been in society for ages, i dont know why it needs to be be shoved in everybodies faces 24/7, i happen to be a heterosexual male, but i dont feel the need to let everyone around me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that i am. If you want to be something have the quiet conviction to be it and stop whining because not everyone agrees with you and get on with your life. GROW UP.

  • Alex

    But… but that’s not why she was fired, Michael Ehlermann.

  • old guy

    Carrie’s lawyer Charles LiMandri says that Carrie has been in constant contact with pageant officials and is meeting her obligations. She appeared, as a representative of the pageant, in Las Vegas the weekend before last and is scheduled to appear at the Special Olympics event this weekend in California.
    Even though Prejean is no longer the reigning Miss California, she is still welcome as a presenter at the Special Olympics.

    Even though Prejean is no longer the reigning Miss California, she is still welcome as a presenter at the Special Olympics.

    “Carrie Prejean had indicated that she wanted to come as a volunteer during our Summer Games weekend. Part of the volunteer duties included presenting medals at one of our venues,” a spokeswoman for the Olympics said. “We have not spoken with Carrie to confirm her attendance; however, since she has been a long-time volunteer with Special Olympics we would still welcome her participation.”

    Moakler and Lewis are still up to their old games!!!

  • chewy

    hey michael, isn’t heterosexuality shoved into everybody’s faces every single moment of the day? in tv? in commercials? in magazines?

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