Carrie Prejean is out

carrie prejean

Donald Trump relieved Carrie Prejean of the Miss California USA crown. They made sure to note that this wasn’t due to her political beliefs, but because she wouldn’t fulfill her contractual obligations. Trump said Carrie refused to appear at almost 30 events and treated everyone like crap. Prejean has also failed to receive permission to perform extracurricular activities. Not sure what those are, but most likely it involves whoring around.

Although Prejean may no longer be affiliated with Miss California USA, she made off pretty well. She tricked the pageant into paying for her breast implants, managed to insult a flamboyant blogger’s beliefs in front of the world and lied about her modeling career. All in all, Carrie had a spectacular 15 minutes of fame filled with deceit and betrayal. Next up for the former Miss California: a leaked sex tape.