Carrie Prejean was a bitch

carrie prejean

If you had any doubts that Carrie Prejean wasn’t being a total bitch during her reign as Miss California USA, then let Fox News help put your mind at ease. She totally was. Fox managed to get their hands on e-mail transcripts between Carrie and pageant director Keith Lewis. They’re nothing short of amazing. Keith was professional the whole time even though you could see the hate rising within while Carrie acted like a spoiled brat.

The best part is when Carrie tells Keith she’s presenting medals at the Special Olympics no matter what and writes, “What are u gonna do fire me for volunteering for the special olympics hahaha ur crazy,” and then a week later she’s fired. Check and mate.

If you have time for an interesting [ed. damn you people] read, then check out the full transcript under the cut. (If you’re one of those people, do what Laura says in the comments and start from the bottom.)

From: cprejeanXXXX

Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 10:09 AMTo: Keith LewisSubject: Re: Messages

Ok then I expect you to provide security per my request like you agreed to provide

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: “Keith Lewis”Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 10:10:25 -0700To: Subject: RE: Messages


Although I do not agree with your directive nor is this letter an indication of our intent to waive our contract rights, we do not want to escalate the situation with you. In good faith, we will simply ask that you provide us all of the details so that we can block it in on our master calendar. We would also want to get the contact information should something come up – like you become missing after the event or you are in an accident before the event and need us to reach out for you. It is for your safety and our responsibility.

Best regards,

Keith Lewis

From: cprejeanXXXXSent: Friday, May 29, 2009 7:57 AMTo: Keith LewisSubject: Re: Messages

You do not cooperate with me, and you pick and chose the the things YOU want me to do. That is not happening anymore. Stop speaking for me. I have MY own voice. What are u gonna do fire me for volunteering for the special olympics hahaha ur crazy No I am doing this appearance. You do not need details. Its for the SPECIAL OLYMPICS!!! You just need to know I will be doing it alright

You will not facilitate this appearance

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: “Keith Lewis”Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 08:01:35 -0700To: Subject: RE: Messages


As we have discussed, there is proper protocol and we have not waived our rights in any way to your contract. I am happy to try and facilitate the request. Please forward over the information along with the proper contact and we will try and confirm the appearance right away.

Best regards,

Keith Lewis

From: cprejeanXXXXSent: Friday, May 29, 2009 7:40 AMTo: Keith LewisSubject: Re: Messages

I expect you to be forwarding me ALL email requests and interview requests to me. I know how you are and its not right if you are selecting things for me. Thanks for your cooperation And fyi I am a presenter of medals at the special olympics in a few weeks for the summer games. So now u know I am doing this and I expect your full support. Also I was asked to fill in for a dj on a local radio show.. Ill be reading from a show biz script monday. I am doing this

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: “Keith Lewis”Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 07:49:07 -0700To: Subject: RE: Messages


I have given you the details completely. Perhaps it is not something you would like to partake in, either way, you can let me know and I will respond to them today.

Best regards,

Keith Lewis

From: cprejeanXXXXSent: Friday, May 29, 2009 7:42 AMTo: Keith LewisSubject: Re: Messages

Just as you need details for things so do I. Also nice move trying to make money off of my appearances Also.. Do not try and silence me by saying I do not have a comment about the prop 8 ruling. Maybe you don’t. I do

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: “Keith Lewis”Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 07:43:45 -0700To: Subject: RE: Messages


It is for a general meeting – please see the explanation below.

Best regards,

Keith Lewis

From: cprejeanXXXXSent: Friday, May 29, 2009 7:38 AMTo: Keith LewisSubject: Re: Messages

What is this for?

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: “Keith Lewis”Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 07:19:18 -0700To: Carrie PrejeanSubject: FW: Messages


The Style Network has asked to schedule a general meeting. Generals in the entertainment field are an opportunity for casting and producing executives to gain a better understanding of a potential talents range and demeanor in order to consider them for future projects. They are done without a specific agenda. I have had great success with my actors who have taken generals and would suggest you give it strong consideration. You never know where it may lead and sometimes they develop entire shows around you. The following days are available to meet with them here in LA. Please let me know as soon as possible if any of them work for you.

Best regards,

Keith Lewis


  • Nicole

    This girl WANTS the issue to be with her not supporting gay marriage, not the pageant or the public. She deserved to be fired as this is not the proper behavior of a beauty queen who is supposed to be setting examples for young women. She’s uncooperative, argumentative, demanding, and just down right snotty. I could care less what her opinion is on gay marriage, as she is not really anyone of relevance LOL. She was Miss California and didn’t win the title of Miss USA…so, really, what does that make her? The next Paris Hilton or desperate girl to try to gain publicity with her looks and bad media coverage?!? Pathetic. Good riddance :)

  • miss j.

    It is sad that this is considered a lengthy read.

  • Laura

    u should state to “read from the bottom on up”
    …took me a couple of secs b4 i realized I was reading it backwards.

  • miss j.

    re: laura. thank you for feeling so compelled to share your idiocy.

    • Laura

      it’s what I do best.

      • Giggles

        LOL! Handled very well.

  • railroaded

    She was railroaded by the trio of Perez “The Vulgar” Hilton, Shanna “Porno-Poser”Moakler and Keith “Gay Agenda” Lewis…… what a reputable crew.

    They claim to have given 30 or 40 tasks for her first month….. and included playboy (shanna’s connections no doubt) and some crap TV thing just to add insult.

    And then giving her flack over the Special Olympics knowing that she is a volunteer with Luv Em Up and Best Buddies, organizations that help people with disibilities. And she’s studying Special Education.

    I would have been much less tactful if they were pulling that crap with me. She needs to get all of this into print. I’ll by 4 copies of the book immediately.

    • Sarah

      Do you have a “disibility?” Luckily they didn’t pull this crap with you because I am guessing you are too fat and ugly to ever even be looked at twice for a beauty pageant.

      Claiming you would “by” the book of a hardly mid-level intellectual is embarrassing, it is not inspirational or showing a “you go girl!” attitude.

      I don’t back Carrie Prejean solely for the fact that she has no credentials intellectually.

      She knows she ruined her chances by not following simple guidelines, so now she is trying to blame it on her answer. If she did not want to participate in an activity, she could have easily said no without sounding like a bitchy, childish brat. Unfortunately, she is not smart enough to consider that simple option so she is out. On behalf of everyone, good riddance. Beauty pageants are usually considered a joke and a breeding ground for stupidity until people agree with something a normally intelligent person would not, then it is a highly credible place for human rights advocating. What a joke. She can try to make herself look like a martyr, but she still is a joke.

      • Talia

        Hmm… I like how the first thing out of your mouth to “railroaded” is “You’re fat and ugly, so you’re wrong! Lulz!” but you claim to not support Carrie because she’s not intellectual enough for you.


    • thomas

      you are a stupid cunt

  • Ralph Peiler

    It seems that more and more our society is being corrupted by Gay Rights. It has also infultrated the highest ranks in our society.
    I back Carrie Prejean because her comment was the best answer that anyone could give.
    I am proud of Her for speaking up and sticking to what is the best and most ethical and morale choice.
    This is all about Gay rights. Remember if you can the Host of the pageant the next day on Fox News. Speaking out entirely at how wrong Miss Prejeans answer was because of her beleifs.
    It is so disgusting to see how gay rights is so portrayed as it is OK for everyone.
    Equal rights is one thing, but portraying that it is OK for anyone to choose to be Gay is so corruptive to our society and will have a huge effect in the future of America and how we are seen to the world.
    Poor social workers and psychiatrists of the future. They sure got their job cut out for them.

    Good job Miss Prejean and let those without a spec on their record throw the first stone.

    • Laura

      how is it NOT right to choose to be gay?? i guess the bible outweighs the constituion afterall! Hey, maybe america’s new slogan can be: “if u are born w/ a genetic disorder & feel like being a fairy, u will burn in HELL”. the end.

    • Steve

      Ralph, Congrats on being as ignorant as Carrie Prejean. She never even answered the question.

    • Rocio Anica

      Your reply saddens me. It doesn’t address the exchange between the two individuals above, and, also, you capitalize random words. This, I’m pretty sure, makes baby jesus cry. (Notice how I didn’t capitalize? This is called irony).
      As a rebuttal to your unfortunate reply, I assert that you need to elaborate on the connection between the corruption of society to gay rights (hereafter known as human rights). What evidence do you use to maintain this connection (tell me, so I can rip it apart). Please, also, elaborate on who or what has been infiltrated, and who or what do you mean ‘the highest ranks’. Do you mean politicians? Rich people? christians? (again, no capitalization).
      I cannot say anything about ‘the best answer possible’ because that is clearly an opinion, but I wonder if you’ve thought about who the word ‘anyone’ could include. I believe the word actually means a theoretical random person out of all people, and I venture to say that an educated person with a sense of justice, history, or even just a NICE person (these people actually exist!) would not have been so cruelly inarticulate. Perhaps it would be better stated to say, “I would’ve said virtually the same thing, only she phrased it better– or– I wish I could have vocalized my opinions and ideology exactly like her, and others agree that her answer is a fine example of our demographic, and I therefore [insert rest of paragraph about being proud, ethics, and morale (sic) choices].”
      The post above is not at all about human rights. It is about an individual. This individual happens to be in the media because she was presented with an opportunity to speak about human rights, and she chose to admit she believes those rights should extend only to certain humans; the reason for this, she states, is that’s how she was raised. (Incidentally, I personally get embarrassed when I hear people admit they don’t use their brains! I blush for them!)
      Lastly–due to space and the probability that this will not be read, though it feels SO GOOD–I will ignore the last several paragraphs and statements, because I cannot discuss, until further elaboration on your part, the connection between corruption and its causal effect on American society and the perception of said society by the rest of the world. Because first, one does not choose to be gay (it is proof enough that there are loads of heterosexual women). One could choose if they so wanted, but the consensus is: most don’t. And second, its an almost illogical assertion to imply that the portrayal of treating each other with dignity and decency is corrupt. Surely, that’s not what you were trying to say. That would be insane! And so stupid!

      Poor social workers and psychiatrists of the future, indeed. It’s gonna be too much work if people don’t start using their ability to reason and love one another.

      • Christopher Wiley

        Thank you so much. I almost felt as though you were inside my head. Illiterate and ignorant people on the internet with their inane (I didn’t mean “insane,” fuckers) comments or downright thoughtless and selfish views on how their convenience is what should be considered right… it makes you ill, doesn’t it? With no rhyme or reason that goes beyond, what can simply be defined as, absolute prejudice. I thought we had the ability to keep our thoughts and views to ourselves if it meant downgrading another human being’s life in any way. And even if we speak up for ourselves, as we all have that right, our opinions should never be the suggestion or demand for their opinion to be instated as a right or wrong belief nor should be press for laws to bind people to a lifestyle they can’t avoid. Imagine being straight became illegal… It would blow these bastard’s minds and make no sense to any one of them. Their lives would be destroyed. You could go to prison for loving your wife. Societies lack of proper thought process has caused me to lose faith as a whole.

        So, thank you for that comforting comment. Every person out there, like yourself, gives me hope.

      • ctkat1

        Thank you, Rocco, for being articulate, intelligent, and persuasive. You’ve restored my faith that anonymous internet postings can still be grammatically sound.

    • Gennie

      Um, did you just refer to the Miss USA pageant as “the highest ranks in our society” ??

      If that’s your perception you have A LOT more to worry about than how America is being seen in the world for providing equal rights to homosexuals!!


    • thomas

      you are a pathetic waste of a human being Ralph. do society a favor and kill yourself. violently

  • Laura

    <3 u blemish!

  • Jplourde

    I support Carrie Prejean 100%. She is a beautiful lady who is caught up in a dirty business. Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself for not supporting her. I can’t believe that a misfit like Perez Hilton is allowed to judge anyone. Send Hilton back to the outside toilets of SF Ca.

    • Sarah

      Being beautiful should make you immune to any rules, shouldn’t it? I totally agree, because then I could do whatever I wanted.

      • klhjhk


  • Mark

    The fact that anyone gives a s**t about any beauty pageant contestant or what they think about ANYTHING is the real tragedy here. She is CONTRACTUALLY obligated to perform the tasks the pageant people set up for her. She didn’t, therefore she was canned. End of story.

  • anonymous

    I don’t think this has anything to do with her stance on gay marriage since it was only mentioned once on Carrie’s side, It was about Mr. Lewis filling her in on an opportunity and her being a complete snob about it. If she didn’t want to do it all she had to say was no. And as far as her being a medal presenter at the special Olympics and standing in for a DJ all Mr. Lewis wanted was the details so he could put them on the calendar and she couldn’t even give him those without the drama.

  • chewy

    this girl’s an immature brat..i love in the e-mail when the director wants to know her schedule, in case “you become missing after the event or you are in an accident before the event”…sounds like he was gonna take care of her..mafia style.

    • Joe

      Beautiful girls are often brats. They’ve always been handed everything they want, they’ve been drooled over by boys and men all their lives. Treated like a princess the entire time they were growing up.

      It’s not a surprise that when they get any opposition to anything, they lash out. One doesn’t have to be a beauty queen to be cursed with this phenomena. I’ve met plenty of really attractive women and many times they act like flat out bitches, and it’s because they get away with it. It doesn’t ALWAYS happen; I’ve met several beautiful girls that are very down to earth. It’s just not the norm..

      She chose the wrong answer in the pageant. She’s allowed to feel however she wants about an issue, but she should have realized that these types of events are often in the purview of gay men and women. It’s just a fact. Ever watched HGTV or any of the channels that have fashion shows? So let’s use our brains, yes?

      I do think it was a little unfair to ask her such a loaded question. But, she handled the backlash as a beauty queen does, by basically having a temper tantrum all over everyone. She could have handled things WAY better. So, while enjoying her ability to freely speak what she did, she expects everyone else to shut up. That doesn’t add up.

      She’s bad news. A really pretty girl, nothing more.

  • I like how people (HI, RALPH) ignore the point of this post and focus on how the gays are out to get them.

  • Mike Nait

    I just saw an interview with Matt Laurer and she said she was totally cooperative. These emails, if real, prove she is lying and not only that, but a huge bitch too.

  • anon

    love her email, cprejeanXXXX, as if we didn’t already know she was a slut

    • Jennifer

      The series of x’s are there to block the ending of her email address, so that people wouldn’t be able to contact her personally.

  • Jen

    HATE. She is a waste of space.

  • Kat

    Wow. What a cunt. She deserved every bit of her comeuppance and it’s sweet to know that it happened.

  • This Is Me Posting

    You use this word “lengthy.”

    I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Lizzie

    I completely support Carrie. Whilst I may not personally agree with her opinion on same-sex marriage I respect her right to free speech. Isn’t this what America prides itself on? I believe Carrie was forced out of her title. The Miss America managers couldn’t straight out fire Carrie because America has millions of deeply religious citizens with the same beliefs as Carrie; so to fire her they would end up alienating half of America. No-one wanted that as it would look like the Miss America managers are silencing the right to free speech and advocating political correctness. So instead they forced her out with carefully planned lies about Carrie not fulfilling her duties.

    • Gennie

      Yeah, I bet they tricked her into taking those topless photos and then told her to lie and say “it was windy that day.”

      And since they knew she’d give that answer to that question they requested her to do things that they knew she’d refuse BEFORE the pageant even happened to they’d have amo afterwards.

      And her attitude and refusal to comply with simple protocol with her BOSSES? That make her do that too. Trained her from childhood to be a snotty brat so they could cover up their grand conspiracy to silence her free speech later on.

      Please, Prejean got special treatment BECAUSE of her answer. Alienating half of America was the reason she didn’t get fired for breaking the rules in the first place. She ruined her Donald Trump pardon with her own childish power plays and sense of entitlement due to her new-found fame.

    • thomas

      Lizzie you are a stupid cunt and a waste of a human being. do us a favor and kill yourself soon. today even.

      • jk

        wow thomas your a friendly fellow

    • sarah

      no offense i disagree with her answer but she could have done it so much more eloquently. you dont like gay people, she doesnt like gay people. whatever; thats your deal and your homophobia. but she could have totally spun her answer better. she could have said ‘well personally i disagree with the choice, but the amazing thing about america is that we live in a country that sets states rights above the federal governments regime at times. and i believe that it is an individual decision for each and every good american to make for themselve. that is what makes us great. god bless america’ blah blah blah. that would have garnered applause because its intelligent. her answer was terrible even for her views it was uneloquent and completely ridiculous. my seven year old niece could have answered better. and face the facts-she wasnt doing her job. shes not even going to the special olympics anymore to volunteer. such a fabulous person isnt she? shes all about the fame and publisity shes the one thats been riding the controversy, not the pagent people and management. shes the one saying that its her answer, blaming everyone else. when you point your finger at others, theres always going to be four pointing at you. i dont care about her view, she could have phrased it better to not look like a complete moron, but she probably is a moron. and apparently a fame monger. if she wanted to be miss cali they gave her a second chance. she didnt fulfill her duties after getting the get out of jail free card. congratulations the fact that you think america hates her for hating gay people makes you think everyones attacking her even though its the other way around. how genius.

  • Cherie

    I do not understand the hoopla surrounding Carrie’s comments on gay marriage. She absolutely is entitled to voice her opinion, and to see such a backlash is despairing. As for Carrie’s apparent uncooperativeness, it looks real but the media can make anything look different than it is, if taken out of context. So, I don’t know. I only hope she learns from her experience, and can move on without becoming bitter. And everybody, leave her alone. She’s not much more than a kid, and the attacks are not worthy of those that should know better. Good luck, Carrie.

    • thomas

      Cherie – you can say what you want but you take the response too. you can support this cunt and i can call you a stupid whore cunt for supporting her. which is true btw. now go kill yourself.

  • Riley

    I totally agree with Carrie Prejean’s decision to express her opinion and standing up for her free speech.
    However, I think she should have been fired since the photos first surfaced, and this has nothing to do with her not supporting gay marriage. It has everything to do with her breach of contract.
    From reading the exchange, if it is true then she was definitely uncooperative and snobbishly rude.
    She is trying to make herself out to be a martyr and trying to hide behind her answer.

  • Brad

    The bottom line is that this whole situation started over her being asked a question. A question to which she gave an answer that upset a lot of people. It was her opinion and she is entitled to it (personally I think gay people have the right to be miserable… I mean married just like everybody else as long as it is sanctioned by the government and not by a religous institution. That would be hypocritical on the churches part to me). She may have been a snotty little bitch (what beauty queen isn’t?) but I believe she was fired because of the uproar of the “gay rights” community. All of this talk about how people shouldn’t be able to vote on the rights of other people is a deep conversation we should all have. So all of you liberal hippies remember that people are saying things like this the next time you want to vote to take away our guns.

    • thomas

      Brad – go get a gun and shoot yourself in your head. everyone will be better off.

  • Mr Hmmm,

    I agree with Lizzie and Cherie,after reading the “lengthy” correspondence btw them, I still find it hard to believe that she was fired over that! Obstinate is one thing, managing it as another, and its the organizers role to manage their talent despite their shortcomings……….case in point, ex beauty queens. Unless there are other emails that we will never hear of,then me thinks,this firing is based on an excuse not a compelling reason. trust me I’m sure the organisers have dealt with worse behind the scenes.

  • Talia

    I have to wonder – are we reeeeally sure this is for real? Sorry, I’m a skeptic – these emails just seem a little over the top in bitchery.

    • Sarah

      No, the liberal media planted them because she hates gays. She would never behave this way! She is truly an open-minded individual with respect for everyone.

  • Rachell

    wow who the hell talks like that in a business email? She sounded like a snotty 14 year old sending missives on facebook. What a moron. She wants to put the focus on the fact that the judges didn’t like her support of “opposite marriage” (her words) rather than the fact that she was a huge bit*h who didn’t want to fulfill her contractual obligations and acted like a stupid sh*tf*cker to the rest of the people in the organization.
    I’m glad the stupid wh*re lost her crown, now she can become a martyr for the rightwing and stump for Sarah Palin.

  • jk

    Although I personally do not agree with her views on gay rights I think she has a lot of balls to state her true opinion instead of being fake or dodging the question.

    I think she could use a lesson on how to communicate with her “bosses” though. I’m pretty sure I would have used complete sentences and taken the time to type “you” instead of writing “u”.

    Sadly, the truth of the matter is Miss America pageants are a load of crap. It should be about intelligent, beautiful, and talented women. Not just beautiful women who paid for there body parts.

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