David Archuleta’s dad has some explaining to do

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta’s dad, James Jeffrey Archuleta, was busted in a raid back in January for soliciting a prostitute in an unlicensed massage parlor. Whoops.

At the time of the raid, only one client was there. “He was just finishing up in suite number one. I sent two of the officers in and the male was on his stomach on the table with a masseuse in lace underwear.”

That client was Jeff Archuleta. “We read him his Miranda rights twice. The second time because he said he didn’t understand them the first,” said Salazar. “During the questioning, he said he’d found the place on Craig’s List. He was asked if he’d received any sexual services and he said he had.”

James’ lawyer claims he was only there for a back problem. And by back, I guess he means penis. The silver lining in all this is he actually got off before he was arrested. Don’t you hate it when you give a prostitute your money and get cuffed before you can even unzip your pants? They won’t even give you a refund.

[Image: Splash News]

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14 years ago

poor kid. how embarrasing.