David Carradine was a pervert

david carradine dead

As originally suspected (by me and the BBC article before it was changed), David Carradine’s death was “accidental.” BBC first claimed that the rope David hung himself with was wrapped around his neck and genitals. “Genitals” was later changed to “other parts of his body.” TMZ added that Carradine’s body was found naked in a closet.

Just a short while ago, David’s rep said, “We can confirm 100% that he never would have committed suicide. It was an accidental death. Everybody is in shock.”

This pretty much confirms either autoerotic asphyxiation or that he should have chosen a safe word that the Thai hooker understood. Carradine must have been shouting “banana” for at least five minutes before he lost consciousness.

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What a fucked up world, when it is thought to be less shameful to die while performing a perverted sex act than to commit suicide. carradine was a pervert, why couldnt the old bugger just have a normal wank like everbody else. silly old. theres no fool like an old fool!

Banana Lover
Banana Lover

BANANA!!!! hahahaha

Antonio Pineda

I am a blogger on the scene in Bangkok at the hotel where Carradine died and am blogging about this on ICON OF AN AMERICAN FILM DYNASTY BY ANTONIO PINEDA The announcer for the BBC breaks the story on TV. David Carradine was found dead in the Swiss Hotel on Soi Nailert. The film star was found in the closet of his room bound by curtain rope around his neck, and the inference is that his genitals were bound as well. The news ran through the Bangkok film colony like a forest fire. I consult investigative journalist David Walker.… Read more »

Lanie Grace

Romuours of him being a sexual deviant have persisted for years. If you will read his divorce filings online in 2003, you can see that one of the reasons hiswife divorced him was “Deviant Sexual Behaviour that potential deadly consequences” and an incestous relationship with a close family member.

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In a country like Thailand or the Philippines, there are gorgeous, willing women all over the place…who needs to do whatever weird shit he was doing.


A picture released by the Thai tabloid show Carradine body suspending from a trail in a closet, with his hands being tied above his head (not behind him like some stupid people claimed). In addition, his genital was also tied with a rope.

It appeared that the Carradine’s body was covered with fishnet stockings. A red women’s lingerie was also seen on the bed. There is speculation that he might have been wearing a dark wig. I guess this is part of Carradine’s so-called “Eastern spirituality”.

Lanie Grace


The answer is simple, he wasn’t into women, he was into taking care of himself.

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