Divorce for Jon and Kate?

A promo filmed for next Monday’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 promises “Decisions that will affect every member of our family… ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace.” Translated, that means divorce.

Radar confirms that Jon will be filing divorce papers next week and that the two had previously agreed to separate by July 15.

Thank God. I thought this day would never come. Jon probably doesn’t even know what it’s like living out from under Kate’s iron fist. He probably still asks permission to use the bathroom.

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janice dozier
janice dozier
14 years ago

kate needs to file for divorce from jon, who is so boring he is a sleeping person walking. let his mistress have him. the children are the real stars of the show that is why i tune in every monday. he is just going through a mid life crisis. she and the children will be just fine without him.

14 years ago

janice, go to hell.