Foul play suspected in David Carradine’s death

Questions are still coming up in David Carradine’s tragic death. Questions like: “What the f**k was he doing?” Reports from CNN say that “a yellow nylon rope was tied around the actor’s neck and a black rope was around his genitals.” This has led police to believe David died from “accidental suffocation.” Implying that it was due to auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Meanwhile, Chuck Binder, David’s manager, suspects foul play as he was told that Carradine’s hands were “immobilized” by the rope. Note that he doesn’t specifically say bound.

Although, lending more credence to the suffocating while masturbating claim are old reports surfacing via The Smoking Gun which reveal David’s most recent ex accused him of “deviant sexual behavior which was potentially deadly” and claimed he “engaged in an “incestuous relationship with a very close family member.”

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure David was into all sorts of crazy sexual fetishes. One time he was talking about coming across a woman who could orgasm just by giving head. Not sure how that came up in conversation, but there you go. David died the way he lived: Masturbating and choking himself out with a rope in a closet. I doubt he would have wanted it any other way.

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Flemish Blemish Fan
Flemish Blemish Fan
14 years ago

“One time he was talking about coming across a woman who could orgasm just by giving head.”

That’s the entire storyline of Deep Throat with Linda Lovelace.

14 years ago

I think its really sad, and will be glad when the truth finally comes out..What a total embarassment for his family..

Milton Bradley
14 years ago

Big deal, I saw a video where a chick would squirt when she was gagged witha dildo. That doesn’t mean Carradine killed himself jerking off. Get real.

14 years ago

Its remarkable how quick the general public jumps to conclusions. Everyone sees a news item in print (newspaper/magazine) and just assumes that it is true.
Personally, I will wait until the autopsy and other reports are finished. I have learned over the course of time to not pass judgment unless I myself am without fault. Everyone has a skeleton or two in their own closet and I am no exception. No mortal human being is perfect.