Heidi and Spencer aren’t even good at whoring themselves

News broke, more like dribbled, yesterday that Heidi and Spencer were acting like divas while filming I’m a Celebrity. They weren’t getting the star treatment they thought they deserved and were forced to live like the other D-listers. All signs pointed to them quitting the show sooner than later. And they did. Yesterday, in fact.

Only one day into shooting, TMZ says Heidi and Spencer walked off the show. The left after the live portion of yesterday’s show never to be heard from again.

Good. I hope their contract says that if they quit, they’ll be left in Costa Rica to fend for themselves. It’d be interesting to see how long it would take Spencer to sacrifice his “white devil” to a bloodthirsty tribe. They’d probably ask for her only once and the last thing Heidi would see before they take her away is Spencer slowly backing away like you would from a sleeping lion.

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14 years ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA that is the funniest s**t ever. I hope they both get malaria and DIE!

14 years ago

that is the ugliest picture. hurts my brain looking at it.