Heidi Montag is a liar

Over the weekend, reports claimed that Heidi Montag was rushed to the hospital for “convulsive vomiting” after she was forced to sit in a dark room for a day and a night with only water, rice and beans as punishment for trying to leave I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. One contestant compared the place to “Guantanamo Bay.”

At the hospital, Heidi was “diagnosed” with a gastric ulcer. The erroneous report continued that Heidi and Spencer wanted off the show, again, and this time wanted to sue NBC. The only problem with that is they signed a contract and their passports were taken away.

Today, an insider tells Extra that Heidi is a liar. They say the two attention whores stayed in a hotel for 3 days while they stayed in the “Lost Chamber” for 14 hours and that the chamber posed no threat at all.

“Accusations that Heidi and/or Spencer were harmed in any way are untrue. They quit the show last Monday; stayed in a hotel for 3 days. Then on Thursday, they re-joined show and entered the ‘Lost Chamber.’ They stayed in Chamber from 4:30PM until 6:30AM.”

The source insists the Lost Chamber posed no harm to the “Hills” duo. “The environment in the “Lost Chamber” was not in any way harmful or dangerous; no critters, just a few ordinary bugs. They were indoors — never in any danger or facing life-threatening situations. Absolutely no one is or was being held against their will.”

Just for that, they should throw her in a real chamber filled with big non-poisonous scorpions and spiders with painful bites. But call it the awesome fantastic chamber so it doesn’t sound menacing. That way when Heidi is in there she won’t think it’s too bad. Until she starts getting stung and bitten and it starts feeling like she’s being stabbed with a hot, searing knife.

At that point she’ll probably start yelling stuff like, “This room is neither awesome nor fantastic and certainly not awesome fantastic.” But then the viewers, who are all sitting in egg shaped chairs stroking their white cats, will respond, “Oh, but it is, Heidi. It is to us. Muahaha. Muahahahha.”

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