It could have been Paris

While there still isn’t solid evidence that the Eminem stunt was staged (there’s speculation that it was to a point), one thing that is known is that Eminem’s face was producer Mark Burnett’s second choice for Sacha Cohen to stick his bare ass in. Life&Style says Paris Hilton was initially offered the role of “enraged celebrity,” but declined after she somehow developed dignity inside of a week.

Please remember that this is the same Paris that started her career by releasing a porno of herself and dry humped her boyfriend in a club at Cannes not even a week ago. In fact had Paris gone through with the stunt, it would have slightly edged out “wearing underwear” as the least shocking thing she’d ever done.

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Ana Maria
Ana Maria
13 years ago

…and if you scroll down slowly, it sort of looks like Em got double-bombed! (because of the heads of what I assume are his bodyguards)…

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