Jessica Alba is sorry

Yesterday,  The Lost Ogle reported that Jessica Alba went on a “Save the Great White Shark” binge and plastered posters all over public property in Downtown Oklahoma City where she was filming The Killer Inside Me. She even defaced a United Way poster. If you’re wondering why there, it’s because those assholes in Oklahoma are always getting drunk, boating out into the ocean that surrounds them and shooting up great whites.

Anyway, Jessica was a dumbass and took pictures of herself vandalizing everything. Not only were residents pissed, but so was United Way. The non-profit told TMZ that they most likely will have to pay to have the ruined billboard replaced.

Alba has since issued an apology:

“I got involved in something I should have had no part of. I realize that I should have used better judgment and I regret not thinking things through before I made a spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign. I sincerely apologize to the citizens of Oklahoma City and to the United Way for my involvement in this incident.”

Impulsiveness followed by regret. Sounds a lot like eating at Taco Bell. I’m disappointed in her. You know what might help though? If she flashed her tits. Not sure how that would help, but it’s worth a try.

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12 years ago

She is a dumb saggy twat who thinks with her dingle berry’s hanging off her non-thinking ass. To have pics of her doing it to vandalizing a united way charity ? What was this girl thinking? She needs to get her political thoughts out of her head and pay for the damage.What a disgrace to screw up a good charity program that helps people in need. Dumb bimbo.

12 years ago

id totally lick her pits right there. shark or no shark.

12 years ago

Also I am a h**o, I don’t know if you could tell that from my first post. You probably could, but just to make sure you realize that no straight man would be this mean to Jessica Alba.

Admin edit: Don’t make me have to turn registration on.

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