Jon Gosselin already looking for apartments

Only a day after TLC released a promo for Jon and Kate’s special divorce episode, a source tipped off Gawker that Jon was already roaming Trump Towers in New York looking for a new home on the 8th floor. How could they tell it was THE Jon Gosselin? He had bloodshot eyes. Apparently, a unique indicator of the always drunken or hung over father of eight.

Come Monday, Jon will be publicly let off his leash and there’s no telling how many more children he’ll father in his Trump den of inequity. Pretty soon, TLC is going to be pitched a show called Jon and Kate and Amy and Jaundice Plus 16.

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14 years ago

I hope the next girl he’s with ends up pregnant.
–THE NATURAL WAY– which will have Kate pissed off to no end cuz her ass or shall I say “womb” was barren until the invention of fertility drugs. Then TLC will air the episode with Jon making faces & sticking out his tongue at Kate.