Kate Beckinsale is filming

If I was given the chance to interview either Kate Beckinsale or the weird looking dude in this photo, my initial choice would be the weird looking dude. Simply because I have way more coherent questions for him. With Kate, it’d just be me saying stupid stuff like, “Do you like Coke? I like Coke. Coke is great. That’s a cool can. What is that? Aluminum? Isn’t that a funny word? Aluminum? Aluminum. You got great tits. S**t. I didn’t meant to say that out loud. You’re so pretty.” That would go on for a few hours before her handlers pushed me away.

For the dude, the first thing I’d ask him is, “What’s it like to work with Kate Beckinsale when you’re walking around with a boner all day?” My second question would be, “Did Kate touch you? If so, may I touch where she touched you?” I imagine things would get awkward really quickly after that and would lead both of us to wonder if I should have just made a fool of myself in front of Kate instead.

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15 years ago

Id go with the “wierd looking dude”…mostly because its Michel Gondry and hes a fucking genius. But y’know, thats just me.

15 years ago

You beat me to the punch Calla…ah Michel….he probably has nice tits too if we look close enough….oh blemish you have blemished yourself :]