Kate Gosselin seems nice

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Access Hollywood put up a video of Kate Gosselin with her plus 8  just before a TV interview from back in January. The clip shows Kate’s daughter Mady asking for water and “claiming” she’s dehydrated and about to turn to dust. Kate, obviously wise to her game, asks for a bottle of water. She then takes a sip out of it and puts it out of reach of Mady.

Mady then whines to Kate, “You’re really really mean. You drank it right in front of my face.” To which Kate replies, “Be quiet.” But wait. Kate grabs it and pretends like she’s going to give it to Mady, but she doesn’t because she says the interview is about to start.

Ha! You got served, Mady. I’m told that after the interview, Kate turned to Mady, grabbed her crotch and told her to “suck it, bitch.”

  • what a BITCH someone should piss on her

  • elena

    they should take away the children from this monster

  • Julie Clark

    Wow that was a little harsh, but not nearly as bad as the media made it sound.
    Actually, the video made me laugh.

  • Clearly having that many children causes a moderate amount of psychosis. She should be kicked off of television soon, we can all hope.

  • suckit

    What a pig.

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