Kendra Wilkinson has her own show now

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A while ago, I was asked if I could post a video ad for Kendra Wilkinson’s new show reality on E! where she gets ready to marry what’s his face. At first I thought, “only if she shows me her tits.” But then they said they could get Kendra to mention The Blemish and speak directly to you guys.

So, because I fawn over anyone who’ll give me the smallest bit of attention and I’m a big whore, I agreed. Turns out that’s not happening due to them not being able to do it in time. Now I’m just supposed to post this generic commercial for her new show instead of a video of her mentioning the site or one of her flashing her boobs. Damnit.

For the next week I’m going to be trying to figure out how I was outsmarted by Kendra Wilkinson.

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14 years ago

hahaha, that is so funny