Kristin Cavallari will be the show’s demise

Ruh roh. Manufactured drama on The Hills has turned into real drama as Audrina Patridge isn’t able to discern between the two. The new season of the much maligned MTV reality show has begun filming and already everyone hates Lauren Conrad’s replacement, Kristin Cavallari. The NYDN says Cavallari hit up Patridge’s 24th birthday party at London’s West Hollywood hotel and pissed off Patridge by pretending to flirt with her sometimes boyfriend Justin “Bobby” Brescia. From the NYDN:

“Kristin was fake giggling and making it look like she liked him,” says a source. “Audrina started yelling at Kristin about how desperate she is and was clapping and yelling, ‘Keep it up! You’re such a good actress!'”

Adds the source, “Obviously, it’s not material they can use on the show, but Audrina didn’t care. She wanted to finally tell Kristin what she thought of her.”

Man, Audrina is an idiot to think anyone would want to hook-up with her douchebaggy boyfriend. It must be really easy to get her to sleep with you. Waving a few hundred dollars in front of her and shoving a camera in her face must be like crack to her. You probably wouldn’t even have convince her it’s a real camera. Could be made out of cardboard and the record button drawn on with Sharpie.

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