Update: Lauren Conrad is engaged?

I don’t know if this is news anymore since Lauren Conrad no longer has a tv show, but she’s supposedly engaged to Kyle Howard, the dude that looks like a monkey.

Now that Lauren Conrad is off “The Hills,” Star reports, her boyfriend, Kyle Howard, has proposed, and “Lauren barely let him get the words out before she said yes.” Not least because she wanted to get engaged at the very moment that Heidi Montag was vomiting in the Costa Rican jungle.

Aw, man. That sucks. For Kyle. I bet he was going to say, “Will you pass the salt?,” before LC stopped him at “will you” and said “Yes! A million times yes!” They were probably at some fancy restaurant and Kyle didn’t want to make a scene. Sheesh. You can’t take that girl anywhere.

Update: Star’s report is wrong and they’re not engaged.

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14 years ago

Yep, she was just really emphatically passing the salt. The girl really recognizes the importance of iodized salt. No goiters for that guy!