Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli are done

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli have broken up again. A source says they’re just taking time off, but the truth is it’ll be forever when yours truly swoops in with his dashing good looks and shining personality.

This news could explain why Bar walked the red carpet at Hollywood Life’s 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards alone refusing to talk about DiCaprio while Leo hit on some woman at Avenue in NYC.

“He was standing at the bar in front of everyone talking to a girl the entire night – and it wasn’t Bar,” says one onlooker. “It was in no way behavior for a guy who has a serious girlfriend.”

Bar’s pressuring of Leo to move in together is apparently what did them in.

Leo was right to think twice about letting some amazingly hot, probably horny all the time, 23-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model move in with him. What kind of man would want that? In Leo’s words, “He don’t need no bitches up in his bidness.”

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