Lindsay Lohan to be questioned over missing jewelery

According to Holy Moly, police are planning to question Lindsay Lohan regarding $49,000 worth of missing jewelery from a magazine shoot she did in London. Sources say Lindsay seemed a little too interested in them during the shoot.

“She kept going on about the jewels asking if she could have them. We all thought she was joking!”

After realizing their stuff was missing, the jewelers contacted the magazine who told them they had no idea what happened to them. They then contacted Lindsay’s reps two weeks ago, but have heard nothing since. Now they’re handing it off the police.

Lindsay probably stole it. There was a report earlier this month that Lindsay is so poor that she’s been pawning rings, watches and other jewelery at shops like the Beverly Loan Company aka the “pawnshop to the stars”. She probably stuffs it all in her vag so no one notices. Like, she’ll be walking out and there’ll be all this clanking coming from her uterus and security will ask her what that sound is and she’ll tell them it’s her belt and security will say, “But you aren’t wearing a belt,” and then the last thing they’ll hear is “clink clink clink” as Lindsay runs off.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan at the AXE Lounge. Don’t even ask me what she’s wearing because I have no idea. My best guess is she forgot she was going out and on the way there kicked a 9-year-old’s ass for that shirt.

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14 years ago

god, michael & dina must be REAL proud of their f**k-up. best thing the’ve ever done together.