Lindsay Lohan was rejected

Remember last week when Lindsay Lohan accused Justin Timberlake of cheating on Jessica Biel on her Twitter and then claimed that she didn’t write it because her account was hacked? Well, Page Six is thinking she did write it and had a very good reason for doing so. A source says Lindsay tried to dance with Justin at Avenue in Chelsea one night, but he told her to GTFO.

According to an eyewitness, the singer was in party mode at Chelsea hot spot Avenue one recent night. “Usually Justin is pretty in control, but he was acting pretty crazy,” our spy tells Page Six. “He was drinking tequila all night. At one point, he cleared out a little space and started break dancing. He was bumping into people and spilling drinks. It was hilarious.”

Our source also says that at one point, Lindsay Lohan, currently off with on-again, off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson, tried to dance with Timberlake, but “he shooed her away.”

But that didn’t stop Timberlake from later cozying up to an unidentified brunette partygoer.”It definitely wasn’t Jessica,” laughs our source. “He was pretty drunk.”

In Justin’s defense, when you’re that drunk, any brunette looks like Jessica Biel. I have no doubt that Justin was talking to a chair for thirty minutes just because it was brown colored. He only realized something was wrong when he tried to grab her breasts and it was all hard and square. He probably shouted, “Yuu ot Yessca!,” which is drunk talk for “You’re not Jessica!,” before turning around to talk to another brown blob.

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youtube proxy
14 years ago

Lindsay sucks just take a look at Jessica now take and look at yourself now ask yourself why Justin would choose you over Jessica. no one is that insane.