Megan Fox is sorry


Last week, Megan Fox was photographed completely ignoring a little boy (MeganLover95) who was trying to give her a rose. She even looked a little bit annoyed. At the time, many people (me) attributed this to the kid having really bad b.o. But, as Megan explains in this interview with Collider, that wasn’t the case.

Megan alleges she was in sensory overload with the thousands of screaming people and the blinding flashes from paparazzi cameras. She then apologizes to the kid and tells him that she would gladly accept his flower.

Oh, sure. She says that now, but when you’re lying naked in her bed clenching the flower in your teeth, all you get is a punch in the balls and a call to the cops. Don’t believe her little kid. It’s a trap!

Video of the apology below. That dork probably just came in his pants.

[flashvideo filename= width=500 height=375 /]

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