Michael Jackson died without his nose on


How embarrassing. This is like dying while wearing soiled underwear. Michael Jackson should have heeded the advice of his mother: “Always put on the tip of your nose the first thing in the morning.” She is so wise. Props to Anorak for spotting that.

That photo is also supposed to be the final one of Michael. Whatever that means. He was already dead at that point.

Also for the morbid, TMZ released the call to 911 which you can listen to here. The caller says Jackson was not breathing or conscious and did not respond to CPR. Dr. Conrad Murray was the only witness, but later reports say there’s no indication of foul play.

TMZ also unearthed an old lawsuit filed against Michael which claims he failed to pay a $101,926.66 pharmacy bill. A sizable amount. I’m not even sure how anyone can rack up that much in medication. Penis enlargement pills aren’t that expensive. Er, so I’ve heard.