Michael Jackson died without his nose on


How embarrassing. This is like dying while wearing soiled underwear. Michael Jackson should have heeded the advice of his mother: “Always put on the tip of your nose the first thing in the morning.” She is so wise. Props to Anorak for spotting that.

That photo is also supposed to be the final one of Michael. Whatever that means. He was already dead at that point.

Also for the morbid, TMZ released the call to 911 which you can listen to here. The caller says Jackson was not breathing or conscious and did not respond to CPR. Dr. Conrad Murray was the only witness, but later reports say there’s no indication of foul play.

TMZ also unearthed an old lawsuit filed against Michael which claims he failed to pay a $101,926.66 pharmacy bill. A sizable amount. I’m not even sure how anyone can rack up that much in medication. Penis enlargement pills aren’t that expensive. Er, so I’ve heard.

  • Aisha Daraja

    why must people still continue on with their negativity even when someone dies. Its so childish, and to think we call ourselves mature. So what if he died without his nose, a man is dying u think they gonna think of “oh let put michaels nose on him” wtf please can we stop this thing we’re doing here.

    r.i.p. michael jackson : a true legend live on forever and to me you will live on forever because you were a lengend. love you man.

    • James

      .i.p. michael jackson : a true legend live on forever and to me you will live on forever because you were a lengend. love you man.

      You forgot pedophile.

      • Dayna

        just think for a minute it mite not be true.It could just be a lie

      • u r right man he was a legend and he will live 4 ever like i said his was the best he and ant gey and he will never be gey no mater what that say.

    • Dayna

      But dont you think it’s strange that he didn’t have a nose.

      V.I.P michael jackson.

    • i truly think that they dont care. I cry every day because he is dead and because of how they treated him.on his b-day im gonna burn some tabloids and watch all of his grief burn down.

    • loveee

      honestly, have our society reach that low that death is a comedy?

      Karma’s B

      RiP Michael Jackson<3

  • Jeremy

    Please… enough already. NO more jokes of MJ. Show some respect to man who has achieved so much in his lifetime. We are nobody to judge him.

    • Dayna


    • Johnny Midnight

      yes he has achieved so much fame, musical talent, and he has done so many acts of pedophilia, let’s remember this great man MJ.


  • Michael Jackson is an AMAZING Person , he has a caring heart and will ALWAYS be the best Entertainer. Such a genius and will never be replaced. My Daughter and I attended his 45th B’Day Party and he was so sweet to talk to, he spoke to me about Glasgow, Scvotland, Edinburgh and he really liked it there on his visits.
    People that think he is weird or wacko, I think that is sad. Don”t Judge a book by its cover. There are many werd people out in the world. He was loved for being the Greatest Performer and for being such a caring person.
    He was done wrong in his short life.
    His Childhood was taken away from him and My heart goes out to Michael Jackson.
    R.I.P Michael

    • Dayna

      That’s so sweet

  • Tabloid Baby noticed the missing nose.
    Anorak picked up the story from

  • tanker

    I think the media and everything should show some damn respect for the man, whom has given us a lot of awesome songs and iconic moves that will be forever in our minds!!

    RIP MJ

  • chelsea2727

    people need to shut up.
    leave him alone, do you seriously have to have some respect for the dead. and he was an amazing entertainer.
    rest in peace.


    • James

      I respect the dead, providing they werent pedophiles while still alive

  • Luke

    It looks that way because of the angle the photo is took at. These website that report rubbish like are at the end of the day just Micky mouse company’s with no credibility whatsoever. leave proper internet sites to the big boy’s.
    Rip Mj the singers work of today wont stand the test of time like your work.

  • Scott

    RIP Michael Jackson. Well said Luke 100% agree.

  • yo yo

    Michael Jackson like little boys.

    • gogo

      So what if he does like little boys? do you mean to say that when you get married and have kids, you won’t like boys??? All of you who still shoot him with all these very insulting things even when he’s already dead are actually making him even more popular…you remember what Jesus said to all of those people who wanted to throw stones at Mary Magdalene? Well, you’re exactly the type! You probably have more nasty closet secrets than Michael was accused of having! Too bad…You’re just jealous because you haven’t what he’s got…and no matter waht you say, it still won’t change the fact that MJ is incomparable!

  • Dan Young

    Ha ha, MJ OD’d !!!!
    Joke: how come MJ was no longer down with the Neverland ranch?? (it was over 15 years old).

    • Tracy Gerbers

      DAN YOUNG its stupid F-ucks like you that make people like me look REALLY good!!!!! Get a life…….

      • Jeremiah

        Wow! I am so empressed with your Lingo.

  • Amy

    Is it truelly a surprise this is how it would end for M.J.?There is so much chaos,to much chaos.He is gone….It just amazes me he lived as long as he did.Do we really want to play the blame game?
    Pain meds ??Of course!But,There is not one single med out there that could have killed his pain inside from how this world forced him to live his life just because he was gifted in so many ways.Thank you to the real people that appreciated and shared his passion.One last thing, If you pay close attention to every word in every song he sang ( too many to mention ) his whole life and career reflected on his own response to what was always being said about him (good or bad).

  • Sandra

    Photos like this should be illegal, as should autopsy photos. There ought to be a federal law against it. How would you like it if someone snapped you at your most vulnerable and then published the shots? Whoever took this and sold it is a jerk.

  • crissmiss Brown

    U knO whaT scrEw the TabLoids!!…that is So cruel How tHey Have Riduculed This Talented,SmaRt,caring,& BeAutifuL person… Regardless oF what he may have done its no ones place to judge him ..Leave that 2 GOD!!
    I Love u MIcHAEL!! R.I.P

    • drummerdaniel

      well said. i agree totally.

  • Tak

    It’s just that weird reflection of golden bubbles over his nose. But it’s a funny hoax tho.
    MJ himself used PT Barnum’s book about The Greatest Show on Earth as his guideline on how to live his life, I was told. If so, hoaxing is allowed, even approved of, by MJ himself.


    In response to the moron who posted: “How embarrassing. This is like dying while wearing soiled underwear”



  • Looney

    Who really cares. Nose or no nse you think he really gonna say wait I’m dying let me put on my nose? Stop with all the jokes. Michael I love you and you will always be missed.

  • omg i cant believe it i care 4 him im only 10 thats the shock

  • kari

    okay so #1, he obviously had plastic surgery on his nose, but even if he had a plastic tip that he put on, which I don’t even know if that is true, to me, in this picture he looks like he has a nose. It always looked very little at the tip. But who cares you freakin creep. Do I need to start putting down what kind of person your mother is for raising you with such terrible manners? Should we all laugh at her and poke fun of her when she dies? I won’t do that, and I also won’t get too deep into what a terrible desicion it would be if a mother let their child stay the night and hang out with a man that had already been accused of molesting a child once before and went to court over it publicly. 1+1=2 doesn’t it? Well it’s evident that this “mother” that allowed that and then accused him of doing it to her kid was looking for money and probably told her kid what to say. She’s a creep. I also don’t find it hard to believe that with a life like Michael’s, he really did just love children and Yea he was wierd, but when it comes to the best of talent, it usually is people who are the most eccentric. The poor man really DIDN’T have a childhood. I think some of the things he did may have been inappropriate when it came to those kids, but I believe he really didn’t know better, and I don’t think that he was a pedophile or molested any children. I think he just liked innocently playing with them and having sleep overs, like he could never do when he was a child. I think the only thing that Michael was guilty of was really was not really seeing things the way that most people do because of all of his fame, and all of the lime light. The media and his father never afforded him a normal childhood or normal life. I feel terrible for him now that he is gone. The man did so many kind things for people around the world, and he doesn’t get respect for the good things that he did. He was wildly famous and he lived in pain for his popularity. I will say a prayer for YOUR soul tonight, becuase it isn’t Michael Jackson who needs it.

    • drummerdaniel

      wow awesome speech. excellent. seriously though it was nice.

  • To Mr. James
    10:34 AM on Mon Jun 29, 2009

    Stop and think before you judge a person as you didn’t even KNOW him. He was found NOT GUILTY from a very conservative jury, did you even take the tame to read up on it. They were after his money, HELLO, wake up and smell the coffee you fool. You are brainwashed by the media, poor you, no thought process for yourself. If you want to get to know the real him, listen to those that Truly Knew him. And if you really want to know this man, listen to his lyrics. Heal the World, Earth Song, etc. You probably enjoy this back & forth & people paying attention to you b/c you are probably the lonely one, or lonely pervert may I add. Get a life.

  • Saludo

    Judging Michael Jackson….

    If you think that you’re a perfect human being without any sins or blemishes inside your heart and soul, then go ahead and cast the first stone of judgement to Michael Jackson. Jesus said, ” Why worry about a speck in the eye of a brother when you have a board in your own? Do for others what you want them to do for you.” Dont criticize, and then you wont be criticized by God. Jesus did not intend to forbid judgements of all kinds. When Jesus said, “Judge not”, he forbade unkind, unjustified and improper censure resulting from hasty and superficial investigation, and without regard for the well being of the person, or persons, criticized.
    Let us utter a short prayer for the soul of Michael Jackson instead of promoting nonsense quidnunc. If you judge then we will also be judge by God. Michael Jackson is a human being like us and we should not criticize his life, but pray that he may find peace. We should pray for him and not hardened our own hearts.

  • dee

    Yes, Michael Jackson was strange, maybe even wierd, but, who are we to judge him? We don’t have that right. We all have our own opinions, some right, some wrong, but we cannot judge him. There is only One who can do that, and we should leave that up to Him. I for one thought MJ was great when I was younger; I thought he became very strange later in life; but I cannot argue with anybody about the fact that MJ was a great and gifted performer. He had talents that many were envious of, most people don’t have an ounce of the talent MJ had, but that talent came from God. I do appreciate the fact that MJ was a humanitarian, gave money to charities all over the world and helped countless people throughout his lifetime. I hope his family and especially his children can rest assured that although a little odd, he did live most of his life in a way they could be proud of. Did he molest those kids? Only he and God know the truth; I don’t know, so I have no business ‘guessing’ what happened. May God be with his family, who lost him too soon.

  • i cannnot belive he died without his nose

  • gina

    yo michael should rest in peace. michael is a good man an give him some time

  • taylor

    It is so sad that he died once he did i cried 4 hours. MY life is nothing without him nothings the same actually. I can’t go 1 day without listening to his music i wish i could lay down and die so i can talk to him even though im only 11 but i dont care it is still sad i always listen to his music. I wish i could of went to his concerts that would of been the best day of my life R.I.P. Micael Jackson.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:

  • michael

    He was one messed up freakshow.

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