Morning time wasters

chantelle houghton bikini

  • Lainey: Women around the world are wondering why David Beckham doesn’t always make appearances in his underwear
  • INO: While we’re on the subject, people want to see Brad Pitt in his underwear too
  • Hollywood Rag: Paris Hilton is a blueberry muffin
  • ASL: Not that anyone cares, but Michael Lohan gives Lindsay and Sam his blessing
  • The Superficial: Chantelle Houghton who you know as “some chick with big tits” is in a bikini
  • Lossip: Alessandra and her daughter hit New York
  • Flisted: Anthony Bourdain thinks Gwyneth Paltrow is a bitch
  • Celebparasite: Hayden Panettiere is awkward
  • WIMB: Kanye and his androgynous lover broke up
  • UseMyComputer: Svetlana Khorkina is in high quality
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