Morning time wasters

This is so amazing that I have to link to it again. Zachary Quinto being followed by a steak and a butcher.

  • Lainey: Teeny boppers want to know who did this to Robert Pattinson. Makeup? Lies! You best prepare yourself for the ire of 10,000 screaming banshees.
  • INO: Christian Bale is done with Batman
  • ASL: Megan Fox says the dumbest things. But… but she’s so pretty.
  • WIMB: K-Fed doesn’t understand taxes
  • Hollywood Rag: Lily Allen isn’t Kate Moss or Lindsay Lohan
  • Yeeeah: 10 hottest Wimbeldon 2009 players
  • CNW: No, no. Shia’s not banging mommy. You misunderstand. He just admires her beauty.
  • Holy Moly: Katie Price is back in the UK and angry as hell
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